About Me

Strong and Delivered

Several years ago, I created a website called Two Week Worship where I shared my struggle with infertility and offered encouragement to other women who just wanted to become mommies. The website it still open, although I haven’t written any new devotionals in years, but I still receive messages from other women who have found some peace and understanding in the devotionals.

Now I’m beginning a new chapter. I want to continue my offering of faith based encouragement, understanding, and hope to women needing a push, a smile, scripture and a lot of focus.

The title “Delivered” that you see in my website name stems from one of the last posts I wrote on Two Week Worship. I find it fitting that I post it here, as my first entry in my new chapter – a continuation of the amazing adventures in my life.

Faith. Belief. Hope. These are the words that describe my journey to being Delivered.

With love, hope, and a ton of excitement,